Bye Bye Matt!!

Azul loves to watch Matt leave for work.....Azul doesn't take his eyes off of him! He will literally bite your hand off if you try to mess with him....

He always has his eyes glued to the door, waiting for Matt to get in his truck.

And, then we run to the front window to watch him drive off....he always whimpers....until....

He realizes ASHLEE is still here!!

Have a GOOD day MATT!!!


Anonymous said...

granma and i love the light covers. you have become so creative,i guess it runs in the family. we're both very proud of you and matt(and my grand-pup). we're going to get out 2 your house 2 c everything you've done. you've become a wonderful woman,wife,daugther,and friend. i love u oooohhhh so very much. c u 2nite. ur mom, judi

Anonymous said...

hey this is jackie lackey. i've enjoyed reading your blog. i'm going 2 do the basket thing, hoefully they will turn out as good as yours. noah is doing good.hey,remember when we crowned u drama queen. lol love you, jackie

Ashlee said...

Yes Jackie, I remember :)
I have gotten a little better

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