Outdoor Thermometer Makeover

My office passed out this Outdoor Thermometer a while back. My mind started reeling about possibilities for it. I just finally got around to doing it. I found some scrapbook paper at Michael's and just decoupaged it.

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The Shabby Chic Cottage



As you can see, I was impatient and didn't wait for the first coat to dry, so it wrinkled up a bit.
OH WELL!! I think it is still 100% better!?!?

It still looked plain to me, so I added our name and the dated "we" were established!!

Here it is in the garage!!!

One of my co-workers gave me another one, so I will eventually do it. I will be more patient with it, so that it will not wrinkle up.

Allow Mod Podge to COMPLETLY DRY between coats =)


Natalie said...

Whoa! That is 100% better! I love that idea, too cute!

Maureen said...

Much, much nicer! You should take it back in to work, you'll be taking orders!

Martha said...

Great transformation!

Michelle said...

Love your transformation! Love the colors! Stop by for a visit sometime!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

so much better! I can't stand the before!!!

nannykim/spindle cottage said...

Does look better!! well, unless you are a fan of the tennesee insurance guys ;-)

Kammy said...

Sooooo much nicer - love it !

Design A-Peele said...

cute idea!

Julie said...

Really cute way to personalize it. 100% better!

Patricia said...

This is an awesome transformation!

KellyH said...

Very cool idea! I like it!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Very cute. I get a little impatient with letting paint dry as well. I have to make myself walk away and leave it alone. The lettering adds so much.

girl meets carpenter said...

That is very cute! What a great idea, too :)

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