Matt and Ashlee's Top 10

Favorite T.V Shows

10.)  Here Comes The Newlywed's

9.) Bob Ross Painting Show (Ashlee)
He is so talented, I have actuall painted a couple of his paintings
***There are no mistakes in life, Just Happy Accidents***

8.) Design on a Dime
Such cool DIY projects!!! I watch it nearly everyday on my lunch hour

7.) Any SEC Football Game

6.) The Office

5.) Man VS. Wild
( Bear is CRAZY on this show...
on New Years Eve one year, Matt and I watched a 1/2 day marathon!!)

4.) Friday Night Lights

3.) Big Brother
(Guilty Pleasure 3x a week)

2.) The Mentalist (Matt)

1.) The Amazing Race
(Look for us to be on here one day =)
WE LOVE TO TRAVEL, So NATURALLY this is our #1 show!!

What shows can you simply not miss, or if you have to, you have a DVR to record it!!

HINT HINT.....(to my husband ;) )


2sisters said...

A DVR is a must in our house :) We DVR The Biggest Loser, Lost, 24, Mercy, Trauma and Ace of Cakes. Sad but true. We also end up with a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hannah Montana on there compliments of the kids.
teri @ acraftyclan.blogspot.com

Turley Times said...

The Office is one of our favorites too! We also watch Mad Men on AMC every Sunday night. I'm sad because the season is almost over...but all good things must come to an end!

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