A Salt Spoon

Matt and I always enjoy watching cooking shows together! A few of our favorites are
I always love how most of the chefs always used a tiny bowl and spoon for their salt.

I found a cute little bowl with a top at World Market, but could never find a spoon.
My MIL was in a jewelry store the other day, and found me a tiny salt spoon. It works so well.

I have however, recently broke the top to my tiny bowl  =(

Maybe one day, I will find another bowl...but for now I am happy with my spoon!


Lisa said...

I too have searched high and low for those spoons but so far no luck! Who needs a lid anyway?

Natalie said...

I love Alton Brown on the Food Network and always loved his little glass bowl with a silver flip top he used for his salt. I looked and looked and could never find one until I took a class at the Viking Cooking School. They carry the exact same bowl that Alton uses! Of course I got it and have loved it for almost two years!! So if you need another one just go to the Viking Store, it's at Park and Ridgeway!

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