Mosaic Kitchen Tile

Well, I am sooooo late at posting this, but out of no where, I have ZERO time for blogging.

Matt started on this the weekend before Thanksgiving! We had already put up tile in our master bathroom, so this was the next and most exciting project to tackle!!

We had been looking for some glass tile in our budget......and couldnt find anything. Matt spotted this unique mosaic glass tile at Home Depot for $4.99 a square ft. What a steal!! We really liked the way it brighten up our kitchen!!

What do you think......yep, I know, Matt's the Best    ;)


Anonymous said...

that looks so great!! I really need mine done but maybe I will hire him to help Tim if we ever move into a new home. I have missed you posting everyday. I was wondering what was up with that! Not that I am any better at posting daily ;)

Natalie said...

OHHHH! I love it! Great job!

2sisters said...

I have fallen way behind on my blog reading. This looks beautiful!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Ashley--it looks fabulous and what a find. Good eye-Matt.

I changed my Wed party from Celebrating the Holidays to just Celebration --still working on the exact name and button but you caould post this on that party.


sanjeet said...

I will hire him to help Tim if we ever move into a new home.

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Joseph P. said...

That looks awesome...and way cheaper then tile. I might give it a try in my new kitchen or maybe the guest bathroom first.

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