Splash of Color-Part 4

Matt and I wanted to make our 2nd Home, Bonus Room into a "Travel Room"  where we could display all of our photos of vacations and trips that we had gone on. We took several of our pics from Cozumel and Progresso and had them re-done in Sepia Tones. The paint color we chose was Waterscape by Behr. It matched some of the blue that was in the rug.

We found this map on Amazon for $12.95, We liked it because it looked antique, yet it was a current map.

We took some map pins and placed one for all the places we had gone.
White: Ashlee
Black: Matt
Red: Together

Matt also added some chunky molding to really make it stand out! It is definitly one of my favorite things!

We took some of our favorite prints from Cozumel and framed them.

This is a collage of pics from our Fayetteville trip!

This is a room where we literally spend 70% of our time!
And....it has special meaning to us!!


Anonymous said...

Looks great! We spend probably 70% of our time in our family room also. We love it!

Pat Harris said...

I love that you've personalized it by using pictures of your travels. Everytime I travel I try to bring something home to display, too.

sanjeet said...

Not that I am any better at posting daily

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