$40 Weekly Grocery Challenge-Week #1

Total Spent: $40.45

Rite Aid:

Thermacare BOGO 50% (6.99) Use 2 $3 off coupons
Degree Deoderant: 2 for $3: Use $1 OFF 2
Orbit Gum 1.99: Use $1 OFF 1
I used $5 off $25
$5 Gift Certificate that Rite Aid mailed me


Febreze $2.50 used BOGO Free and $1.00off
for the one that I wasn't getting Free (I did this Twice)

Schick Razors $1.97 Used $3 off: Which Generated $1.03 in OVERAGE
(I did this Twice)

Old Spice Travel Size Body Wash .97 : Used $3 off 2 : Which Generated $1.06 in OVERAGE

Crest $4.00: Used $2.00 off and used Overage from Above Razors

Also, I still had $1.00 in overage, which helped me lower the Febreze Cost!!

Kroger: $33.32
No Picture

2-Frechetta Pizzas: $4.99:Used $1.00 off

2-Tyson Heat N Eat-Pot Roast
Used BOGO Hawaiian Bread Rolls
2- Hawaiian Bread-4 Rolls

1- Betty Crocker Cookie Mix:
$2.35: Used .40(.80 Doubled + .40Ecoupon)
1-1/2 Gallon Milk
4-Pkgs Land o Frost Lunchmeat:$3.50: Used $2.00off
1-Loaf Sara Lee Bread : $1.78 Used .55(1.10doubled)


Sierra said...

how'd you get so many deodarents and febrezes for that cheap? hook a sister up with the coupons! i'm going to join you on your $40 a week groceries...since we are currently at about $450 a month for 2 people because my husband is eternally hungry!

Anonymous said...

I remember the days of living on $40 a week for groceries. Two kids later we are doing good to spend $100 a week in groceries. Kids are expensive.....and to think I am adding another one to this clan!

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