A Fence!!! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!!

Matt and I built our first home in December 2008, in a small town outside of Memphis, TN.
We absolutely L-O-V-E our home. As with any new home, there are many things that need to be done, that are typically already done at an existing home....such as a fence!!

Lets be honest......major purchase.....and expensive purchase,
but it is an investment
and adds real value to your home!!

We have done many things to the interior, and
this year is all about the outside!

We are finally getting a 6ft cedar privacy fence! YAY!
Also, we will be adding border to our flower beds, a couple of trees, and Flowers

Here is our home before the fence:

And the Afters:
I must say....
Even though I didn't do it myself,
I am very Proud and Happy!

This Little Guy is Enjoying it too!
Now, If it would just.stop.raining!

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Anonymous said...

Before you couldn't tell where the other people's yard ended and yours started... now your yard looks alot bigger!
You must blog on Azul's playtime in the backyard sometime!

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