Handmade Unique Mexican Pottery

Matt and I have gradually added pops, large amounts of  color to our home over the last year.
If you read our blog much, then you know that we
would love our home away from home to be Mexico,
so our decorating has gradually added lots of
Mexican and Caribbean flair.

During the 4 cruises that we have been blessed to be able to take,
We always try to get a piece of colorful, handpainted pottery.

Here is a tour of each of our favorite pieces, and how they
go perfectly with our home and their homes in a couple of our rooms!!

Newest Addition:
We got this piece this past week at
Chichen Itza, in Merida, Yucatan

Its home in our Kitchen

We purchased this one last April in Progreso, Mexico
at the Pier

We chose to pull out the oranges in it, and
place it over the door that leads to the back yard!!

Aztec Calendar:
Purchased April 2008
Cozumel, MX

Over the doorway that leads to the master bedroom and garage

My favorite:
Purchased at Punta Sur Light house
in Cozumel
April 2008

It is sitting on the 1/2 Bath Counter in
the coolest 1/2 bath around!
My awesome Hubby painted the stripes!
Green, Huh??

We truly believe that Color makes you happy and Cheerful,
So we wanted to bring that in our home!


Why not add some fun pottery, and
Travel to find unique handicrafts!!

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