Reducing the Utility Bill

With us getting the afternoon heat, we had to do something with our back door. We had added a bamboo shade but that wasnt cutting it. We had already bought
some curtains designed to cut energy costs by 30 %,
and I think it seems to be working.

Here are a couple of photos that shows the amount of light and heat that we get on a hot summer day!

We used this: Gila Heat Control Window Film
It reduces the amount of heat up to 60% while still letting in light.

So frustrating to do, and you MUST have 2 people....and a dog =)

It did set us back about $30 for the roll, but it should be enough to do the back door and the window that is above our kitchen sink.

 This pic shows half of the window tinted:
Left: Bare Window
Right: Tinted


Here is the finished product!
Can you tell the difference?

You can't, can you???
Azul is happy because he can still see out!
I must say that we can honestly feel the difference !


Michele said...

Thanks Ashlee for posting this...I need something at my back door window too...it faces south and it gets so hot in that kitchen. Since we're renting, I didn't want to put any holes in the door. Did you get this at a home improvement store? We have them all close (Menards, Home Depot and Lowe's), so hopefully one of them will carry it!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

where was this post when I was trying to keep the afternoon heat out of my sliding glass windows at the old place?? It looks great and something I would try if we needed it. Now we just have trees that block the sun for us!

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