15 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 15 Weeks

Size of baby: The size of an apple

Total Weight Gain: 6lbs

Gender: Can't wait to Find out! 22 days!!!!

Movement: None, Baby W is still to small
(I hope soon though)

Cravings: Lemons, Pickles, Sonic Tator Tots

What I miss: Sweet Tea (Its all I used to drink, to much caffeine now)
Sleep: Sleeping pretty well!

Symptoms: Light-Headedness and Backache

Best moment of the week and weeks past: Clearing out Baby W's nursery

What I am looking forward to: Decorating the Nursery and June 2011 =)
Dr. Appt next week and finding out what we are having!

I also put up a voting poll to see what Baby W will be on my right side bar!

I had  a jealous puppy just staring at me, so I grabbed him for a pic!

A few more weeks until we find out what we are having. We have a doctors appointment next week then we will have a doctors appointment two weeks later to find out.
I will post about our names soon.....We are both in love with both the girl and boy names!

At what week did you find out what you were having???


Anonymous said...

I don't remember the week I found out with any of them but it was around 18 weeks.
Also you need to get decaffeinated tea. That is what I drank the entire time I was pregnant with Adeline and we are still drinking it today. Tastes the exact same!
Looking good!

Lesley, Dennis, Landon, and Natalee "Lou" said...

We found out at 17 weeks with Landon and I believe 15 weeks with Lou. We only found out early due to complications/high risk issues though. Normally after 18 weeks is the norm. Hope things are going well!

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