Its A Boy!!!!!!!!!!

Matt and I went to the doctor last Wednesday and found out that Baby W is a boy!!!
He didnt cooperate at first and I started to get nervous, but we had the sweetest tech that took her time with us, and he finally showed us the goods!

Everything is developing well and he is measuring at 9 oz and his heartbeat was 156bpm.

We are so blessed and super excited about having a boy.

Levi Maddox is due June 28th!

Matt and I headed out after the doctors appointment to go on our "Babymoon"
(more on that later this week).

I will post my 19 week update tommorrow.


Anonymous said...

So stinking cute! Love his little button nose! Hope you guys had a relaxing trip. I have a garbage bag full to let you borrow. Hope you have plenty of hangers :)

Anonymous said...

congrats. My daughter is at the hospital as I write, having her third. This one is a boy!

Anna said...

Congratulations! Now you can get started on the nursery. I'm sure you have lots of ideas!

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