25 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 25 Weeks!

Size of baby: A Rutabaga (Whatever that is-Pic Below)

Total Weight Gain: 20lbs

Gender: Precious Baby Boy: Levi Maddox

Movement: Levi has been moving alot all day long it seems. I can see my whole stomach move when he kicks and moves.

Cravings: Simply Lemonade with Raspberries
(I drank a whole container in less than 24 hours..Ha!)

What I miss: Sleeping on my Back or Stomach
and having a normal sized bladder!

What I am Loving:
That we finished the mural
Details to come Thurs!

Sleep: Getting Better thanks to the 5 pillows that I sleep with each night!

Symptoms: I have been getting out of breath a few times
and very bad lower back pain.
I noticed my first (of many, I'm sure) stretch mark...eek!

Best moment of the week and weeks past:
Finishing the Mural!

What I am looking forward to:
June 2011
Baby Showers

I took the pics myself, because my dear sweet husband was out of town. =(

Getting Bigger, yes?

My SIL got me, Levi this awesome bib the other day.
Poor Azul feels left out.

15 weeks left!


Anonymous said...

Well you can put the bib on Azul if that will make him feel better. You take much better pictures of yourself than I did. Mine always looked awkward! I think you are getting bigger every week but still looking great!

arkie said...

Glad things are going well with you! It won't be long until you can hold that precious little one! I love the colors in your nursery post! The storage cube is just great!

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