Nursery Progress: 6 Cube Storage Chest

We are Finished with the 6 cube storage chest! YAY!
I was our easiest build yet (in my opinion)

You can find the plans HERE ( This was our 4th build from Ana's Site)

We started out with building the box

Next, we added the legs

Then we framed it out to give it more of a polished look.

Fill any holes

Next Up: Sand (The Sucky Part)

Prep for Staining

2 Coats of Stain Later, and.......

We used Minwax + Polyurethane in Classic Black Satin

Pretty Cool Huh?

We built ours for $137.00 (Including the Storage cubes, which were $7 a piece)
Thats more than 60 % savings! the Lumber ran us about $70, and we had to get some sand paper, brushes and stain, so that cost us a bit more than expected, but still worth the $137 that we paid!

The Land of Nod version HERE is $249.00 not including shipping OR the storage cubes which are $7.95 a piece!

Here it is in Levi's Nursery!

The Cubes

With Azul in the pics!

I wanted to make some type of labeling system for the cubes, so I used some scrapbook paper that I didn't end up using for another project.

I made 6 circles and 6 smaller circles then coordinated them with each other.

Next, used a hole punch and added a even smaller white circle for the labeling part.

I used velcro circle to attach the white circles to the blue/green ones, so that I could switch out the labeled item without having to make new circles

I have only made one that was labeled, because frankly I am not sure what I will be using the cubes for right now.

I attached them with some white ribbon coordinating the big circles against the cubes.

Close Up

So here is the finished 6 cube storage chest with labels all ready for Mr. Levi
 ( although Matt and I are far from ready =) )

I am working on a picture wall for above the chest.

I think its all coming together so nice!

Next: Pillow and Blanket made by my MIL!


Anonymous said...

I am thinking that this would be a great idea for our playroom. We need some kind of storage and I if I added just 3 more cubes (made it taller) this would be perfect! If only I had the time to do it.

Kelly said...

I luv it--and the owls are the cutest thing ever! You are very creative. I luv seeing all the projects that you and Matt do--me and my husband Kent are the same way.

PS.. I have really enjoyed catching up up with your blog--I think as of last week I had pretty much read all the posts on your side bar. :)

It's kinda funny--when you find a blog that you can relate to. We live in AR and are huge Razorback fans. And Cozumel is a hot spot for us as well... We've been on 3 cruises and luv them!


wood storage chest said...

What a genius idea - absolutely love it!!!

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