"First" Pics

These are a couple of pics that were on my old phone, and I finally got around to getting an adapter so I can put them on the computer.

My first pre "bump" pic: 4Weeks

The morning we found out that our family was expanding!

I took this pic the same morning that we found out,
I was just over the moon excited!

Azul's reaction when we told him
Love this pic!
He is like "oh, no!"

The morning of my first Dr. Appt
We had to wait 4 weeks and 1 day until we could go to the doctor.
We had yet to tell any of our family, friends, or co-workers.

Baby "W" first Ultrasound Photo

Its a Boy!!
First time, it really sank in. For me, anyways.

Just wanted to share a few of these!

Just a few more days, and we will be holding precious Levi, I am so excited!

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