My To-Do List Before Levi Comes!

Well, its official. I am a SAHM!
I can't believe it.
My SIL called this morning to see how it felt, but I just told her that it feels like a day off, but I am sure by the end of next week, it will sink in.

I have a to-do list that needs to be done before Levi comes, so my house is in order.
 Feel free to share any advice on how to organize baby things.

  • Clean out Manuals and Menu Storage Boxes
  • Organize Laundry Room, Make room for Burp cloths, bibs, and baby things
  • Make a weekly "bump" collage to post
  • Go to county clerks office and complete title transfer
  • Fill Rx for hospital, my friend Lori recommended some ointment that was her lifesaver for the first few weeks of breastfeeding. I had my Dr. write me a Rx.
  • Get Azul's bag ready for when we are at the hospital and for a few days after we get home
  • Re-Organize Coupon Binder
  • Organize Levi's clothes by Sizes and Style
  • Make sign for our hospital door
  • Wash Levi's clothes for the hospital in different sizes
  • Pack his stuff in my new diaper bag....loving it!
  • Pack me a bag
  • Wash Levi's sheets and pack and play sheets
  • Order Cloth Diapers, after countless reviews and many questions asked, we went with Happy Heinys One Size. Hopefully they wont disappoint.
  • REST, REST, REST before Levi comes.
  • Organize upstairs bathroom for Levi's things
  • Keep up with the rest of cleaning
  • Blog more.......hopefully!
  • I am sure more will be added to my list soon enough.....

I am so excited about being a SAHM, and all the excitement and adventures that await my family. My husband is so supportive and I can not thank him enough.

Its a time for growing in our faith and truly relying on God to show us the way and provide for our every need.

The countdown is on for Levi, can not wait to meet him :)
I have a Dr. appt tommorrow, I am hoping that he is head down and ready to be born, and I hope to find out an approximate weight of him.
Your prayers and thoughts are appreciated.


Kelly said...

So happy for you Ashlee... It has been so fun following along your baby journey and I look forward to your new journey as a family. Have fun and enjoy the next few weeks getting ready for that little guy!

Anonymous said...

The pediatrician's office told me today that they were excited to meet the little guy too. They know me very well up there and now know you are my sil. They don't even have to look it up and know that you are related to me.......that could be good or bad maybe ;)

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