Birth Story: Part 2

Saturday June 25, I woke up and had started to have a pinkish discharge and got all excited. I had read a lot that this could be the start of labor and I could begin to feel the contractions within 24 hours…..

Matt decided to stay around the house with me instead of biking….did I mention how much I love your daddy? He is always so caring and aware of my needs. He will be the same for you! Always count on him.

That afternoon, I started to feel some contractions that were stronger than Sunday, and started to time them. I went and laid down and waited an hour. They were on a scale of a 4, I would say. I asked Matt to call Becca and Davis to see if they could watch Azul, and called your Grandma, Nanny (Papa was out of town with Nanny Lou for her sister Mary’s funeral) and your Aunt Lindsey. But we asked them to stay at home until we knew if they were going to keep me. We ended up hanging around the house for about 30 more minutes, just to be sure that I was having them. We headed to the hospital about 5ish and dropped Azul of to play with Velo at Davis and Becca’s.

We checked into the hospital and got set up to the monitors again. I was told that I was 1 cm dilated, I was like, hummmmm, I was 2cm on Tuesday, how can that be? I was also 60 % dilated and you were still -3 station and very posterior (at the back of the pelvic bone). I knew right then that I was going home….again. I felt so embarrassed that I had asked your daddy to take me yet again only to be turned away. He always had confidence in me and was very sweet. The nurses called Dr. M and told her about my progress, and she told me to walk around for 1 hour. This would do one of two things….make the contractions go away or intensify them. Your daddy and I walked around the labor and delivery area for about 50 minutes, and I did start to feel them a little stronger but not much. The nurse checked me again and no further progress. I was sent home and was told to come back when they were 2-3 minutes apart and I couldn’t talk through them. After waiting for about an hour for an Ambien to help me sleep (which I turned down), we went to Huey’s for dinner at 9pm, I was famished. While we were eating, I felt 3-4 contractions that I had to start breathing through a bit. I was like, wow, now this kinda hurts =). What was I thinking going in two prior times, but also, how was I to know if it was time or not. All I had ever read was to go to the hospital when your contractions were 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute, and for 1 hour. Never did the books mention pain, DUH!  We then picked up Zul Bear and went home.

We got home, and I was still feeling them, they just weren’t 2-3 minutes apart and I could still talk and breathe through them. By the grace of God, I did manage to get some sleep, and your daddy too. Have I mentioned how much I love your daddy.

Sunday, June 26, I woke up about 8:30 and I was in pain. Real Pain. I told Matt about 10:30am, as he found me crying my eyes out in the bathroom because I felt nauseous from the pain, that I couldn’t go all day like this. We were both concerned, yet until the contractions were coming closer together. After walking around the house, to make them stronger and taking a warm bath to make them go away, I finally had enough. My mom called about 5 pm and I was just sobbing, she told me to call my Dr., that is what she is paid for. I told her that the contractions were not coming closer together and frankly I was tired of timing them. As I hung up the phone, I promised my mom that I would call Dr. Mestemacher. I called and had to leave a message. Luckily, she was the Dr. on call for that weekend, and called back within 5 minutes or so. I explained to her that I was hurting terribly after walking around the hospital last night for an hour and she told me to go ahead and come back to the hospital. I told her that I really didn’t want to be sent back home for a third time, and she said to go get checked out. She confirmed my due date, which was 2 days away. I then went and found Matt, who was just stepping out of the shower, and told him what the Dr. said. We were headed back……..

Matt called his parents who met us at CVS to pick up Azul for us. Azul, by this time was so confused as to why he was going to different peoples house only for a short while, until Matt and I came back from being sent home from the hospital to pick him up. We asked them, my mom, Lindsey and Tim to just wait for our call to see if this really was the time that the hospital would keep me or not. As we headed to the hospital, our fingers were crossed and I prayed in between breathing through contractions that were miraculously 4 min apart consistently now. I tried to do everything different this time from changing the station when I heard “Blessings” on KLOVE only because I heard it the 2nd time going to the hospital. I even went into a different bathroom stall because I wanted this time to be different =). As we made our way to the check-in desk in Labor and Delivery, the same woman from last night was there, oh crap! She probably thought, “Here we go again”! She was kind, and they even had my chart ready (I am assuming that Dr. Mestemacher called them ahead of time). The nurses all remembered me from the previous night, and Matt and I just had to laugh! I got all hooked up to the monitors and they immediately knew that I WAS in pain! I joked with them and said that I shouldn’t had come the previous two times, that this pain right now was NOTHING to compare to.

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