Monday Mempories: 3 Weeks Old!

Levi, You are 3 Weeks Old!

* You are taking between 2-3 oz every 3 hours or so
*Your umbilical cord fell off Sunday, and I am ready to give you your first real bath!
*We put your first Happy Heiny cloth diaper on you last night!
*You went to church for the first time yesterday 07/17/2011
*You love your carseat and being in the car
*You have been to Walmart 5+ times already in 2 weeks!
*You are still in newborn clothes with some 0-3 month onesies
*You still love your Rock and Play sleeper
*You are staying awake more and more and I love seeing your beautiful blue eyes
*You are one gassy and burpy little guy....we are trying different things to help you
*You like your Sleepy Wrap most of the time

One of my favorite pics of you!

Asleep on Mommy

Cloth Diaper Time
Not Sure why this pic is so small

First Sunday at Church pics that your awesome Aunt Lindsey took!

My handsome Guys!
How lucky am I???

I love this pose with the pulpit behind him

Your Uncle Tim, Cousin Baby A, Daddy and You!
Lindsey, I love this pic!

He wore a onesie that I had made for him but it was special to his Daddy too, Matt loves bikeriding!


Kelly said...

Ashlee...What a cutie patootie he is! So happy for you guys! You have an adorable family....

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Adeline too. Her smile tells the whole story!
He is so adorable in his Happy Heiny's!!

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