9 weeks Photo Shoot and a Dr. Visit

Levi had his 2 month Dr. Visit yesterday and he did great. Such a brave, strong boy during his shots. He did cry just a bit then was smiling 2 min later. He weighed 11lbs 13 1/2oz (50% percentile) and was 23 1/2" long (75% percentile).

Here are some photos of him as a happy healthy 9 week old!

Huge Feet

"I love myself sooo much, I thought I deserved a hug!"

Stretchy Stretchy!

This pic looks like he is driving a "bling'd" out Cadillac with his seat in the back seat! Ha!

Running a marathon!
"Almost there"

If you notice on his left arm, there is 2 red marks. We asked his pediatrican about this and he stated that it was a "strawberry birthmark" that will most likely get a bit bigger then dissapear by the time he is1 year old.

He is such a sweet boy who is finally feeling better! Praise the Lord!
when is he going to sleep through the night, that is the question?

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Anonymous said...

Such a sweetheart! That is interesting about the strawberry birthmark. I have seen them but didn't know they went away.

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