"Car Date" with Mommy

Saturday night, we went to a friend's wedding and just before the bridesmaids walked down, Levi started to cry and I couldnt calm him down. So.....

Me and Him had a car date while Matt stayed for the wedding.

As soon as we got to the car, Levi calmed down.

We took some pics since we were both dressed up =)
He had a tie onesie on!

Even with the AC on, it was still hot. I finally got the idea to put up our sunshader (not sure if thats what it is called)

It helped a ton!

Levi hates being hot.

I am loving my little man!


Kelly said...

The tie onesie is adorable... You two are too cute in that last pic! I bet you are loving being a SAHM! :)

Anonymous said...

You looked beautiful even if you had to make it a car date. And Levi... well, he is one handsome date!

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