6 Hours of Herb 2011

The weekend of October 15th, Matt and his mountain biking buddy, Davis, participated in a 6 hour mtb race. They relayed the race alternating laps. They each completed 4 laps for 8 total laps totaling 70+ miles in 6 hrs 12 min. They finished 5th of 11 teams.

Here are the professional photos from the race

These were taken by Becca, Davis' wife.

You can see Matt coming through the gate and Davis is in the blue about to take over

Headed out for another lap

Daddy's biggest fan!

Waiting for daddy to finish a lap

I squeezed Levi into this bike onesie one last time before we had to retire it

Discussing Strategy

Coming back in from his last lap!

Way to go Babe! Glad it was you and not me!!!
Cant wait for Levi to join you on the trails and get him into some spandex too! J/k!

Also, check out Becca's blog! She is a newbie so stop by and say hi! You will find some yummy recipes! She is quite the hostess when we go over for dinner and...she loves owls! Gotta love her for that!

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