Another day that changed Matt and My life was a year ago today!

We heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time and we got to see our little one on an ultrasound!

We waited 4 whole weeks for that my first OB appointment. I was so thankful Baby W looked and sounded wonderful and healthy!

On my way to the Appt.(Taken in my office's parking lot)
As you can see, this is the same pic that is in my header above. I need to take a new pic of myself!

Precious Baby W

 We also FINALLY told our families!
I made this cookie cake for the news for my mom, brothers, Grandma and her boyfriend, Ray.

Reading the cake

My Mom's reaction
(No one knew we were even considering a baby)

Matt came up with this rhyme for his side of the family and had our nephew, read it!
( I didnt get a pic of their reaction, but they were definitely shocked!)

We told my extended family on Thanksgiving by playing Hangman!

And revealed the names by playing hangman too!

Its fun reliving these days!

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