• Drive Thru's are a blessing. I used to think of them as a convenience, but they are a blessing for mom's with babies. I have utilized the dry cleaners and pharmacy more times than I can count these last few months.

  • When you drop of your baby at the church nursery you get a pager so they can contact you if they need you. Well a week ago, after we dropped Levi off, I ran to the bathroom and guess what? The pager fell in the toilet. Yep....right in the pee, ewwwww! I wiped it off as much as possible, but ended up biting the bullet and taking it back and confessing. I offered to pay for it, but they were very nice. Matt says now they have labeled me as "the one that dropped the pager in the toilet" Great!

  • Matt and I have agreed to buy Levi  (3) gifts at Christmas + a few stocking stuffers. That is enough if you ask me. I want him to see that Christmas is about giving and I hope that since we are starting this early, that he will know what to expect later. Birthdays are for spoiling =)

  • We are studying Revelation in our Sunday morning Life Group, and it was awesome last Sunday. Our teacher really broke everything down and had some excellent notes for our class.

  • I am trying to start some traditions with Levi for this time of year. We made some homemade Christmas ornaments (My mom always did this with us), I am planning on making a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake with him and take his picture each year with the cake. We also made some gifts for daddy and the grandparents!

  • We are planning our first vacation with Levi in April. We are going to Atlanta to go to the Aquarium, IKEA, Coca Cola Factory and to get his pictures taking by Bower Power!

  • Levi will have his 1/2 Birthday in 12 days. 12 days! My baby will be 6 months old in 12 days!

  • We are having my family over for Christmas Eve, which is about 25 people. Thank goodness its potluck style!

  • I can not wait for Christmas this year! It will be so much fun with Levi!

Hope you have a great weekend! Its the last weekend before Christmas!

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