Lets Catch Up!

This is a catch up post on everything I wanted to blog about individually, but will have to do it as 1 gigantic and long post =)

Matt had been wanting to build an awning over our patio since we moved in 3.5 years ago. We get the hot southern afternoon sun. It made cooking anything in the oven not worth it especially in the summer. We had already added heat control curtains and heat resistant window film to our back door to help us out some.

He worked all Easter weekend with some help from my FIL and one of Matt's friends from church.

While the concrete was setting up, I took the opportunity to personalize it with our family initials.
{Matt, Ashlee, Levi and Azul= MALA}

Here is the finished awning. This was taken late afternoon and as you can see, our windows and door is in the shade. VICTORY! It now provides all day shade intil late afternoon. Levi, Azul and I love to play outside during the day now. We still need to build our own picnic table , add an outdoor fan and some lighting!

We also added a storm door!

Levi loves to sit and watch Azul run and chase after the birds!

I soooo love this picture. Levi just admires Azul!

 We finally went and checked out a 2nd hand gently used store for kids called Once Upon A Child.

I bought him these adorable sandals for $2.50!

And these canvas shoes made by Levis brand!
Also for $2.50!

I had been wanting to get Levi a SeeNSay and found this one for....
$2.50! Awesome!
WIll definitely be getting more toys from here!

I saw this sign on Shanty2 Chic and fell in love with it. I made one that said "WORKMAN" and hung it over our Kitchen window. I love it!!

Levi Man turned 10 Months!

His new favorite place in the house is Azuls Bed. He climbs up on his pillow and snuggles in Azuls blanket =)

And he is facinated with his food bowls.

I ordered these shark plates for $1.75 a piece from Kohls. Although I thought they were gonna be bigger, they will still be cute for Levi's 1st Birthday Party!

We took a day trip to see Nanny and Papas new lake house on ther TN river.
We are soooooo excited to have a place to go this summer!

Sticking his feet in

With all the DIY yarm wreaths on Pinterest, I decided to make a spring-ish one for our front door.

Like I said earlier, we love to get outside and play during the day! The awning helps us do that!

Discovered the fireplace with rocks

Once again, the awning will help Levi have fun in his pool this summer without being in the direct sun!

We went strawberry picking!

Or I did....
Levi was too young to enjoy it this year and he also didnt feel well.

Azul turned 3!!!

We took him to Hollywood Feed for a special treat!

Trying to be fast before mommy got him....
He was once again headed for Azul's food bowl.

Outside Play

Studying Grandma Judi

We learned that Levi likes loves Sprite! Although I only gave him tiny sips...he would grunt and squeal for more

More Outside play

I love this picture. So Cute!

We headed to Walmart last week to find Levi a lifejacket for the lakehouse and boat this summer.
He didnt like anything around his neck, so we thought this one would be good.

But later found this one that is more like a shirt and way less bulky. It was on Clearance (it didnt have the matching shorts)! Score!

We always let Levi play in his crib for a few minites before naptime, and one day I found him like this....he was fast asleep before I had the chance to tuck him in.

He looks so grown up to me in this picture

He has a new facination with nose pickin lately. I have caught him several times doing this.

My friend Becca's mom gave me a Owl potholder and dishcloth for doing her hair the other night. She knows how much I like owls. Becca and her mom do too!

He looks grown up here too

He is all over the place lately. I trapped him with my legs just to get a pic!

That was my catch up post for ya!
Have a great weekend!

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christieworkman said...

love the pics....He is getting so big and wow, he looks so much like matt in so many of these pics!!

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