50 and 51 Weeks

Having fun with a piece of ice slipping and sliding

Waiting patiently for a walk

Levi and Azul watching daddy cut the grass. Love this pic!

Playing with his two favorite things. His phone and a popscicle stick

Sweet boy who wants in my lap

We took Matt out to Olive Garden for Father's day. Levi did sooo good!

This was dessert =)

He likes to look at his reflection in the door

Front yard playtime

This was his last sippy cup with formula. A milestone in my book =)
***Dont mind his mismatched socks***

Having fun with stickers on the way home from church.

I was trying to keep him awake. lol

Making some noise!

Oops, Look what we did. hehe
Not really sure if it was him or me

We let Levi have his bday present early. I can hardly stand to wait for someone to open a gift that I have got for them. Lucky for Matt and Levi, huh?

He wasn't quite sure about the Wee Ride at first. We think it was more his helmet that was bugging him more than anything.

Love his outfit here. Graphic tee and cargo shorts

Levi and Hollis

Hollis is one of our new friends who live down the street. His mom, Lindsey has triplets who are 6 weeks younger than Levi. We have been getting together to play on Tuesdays for a month now and it has been lots of fun. Lindsey is fun to talk with! Hollis' sisters are Chloe and Sophie.

Azul's new water bowl

Sharing a sucker with Azul

Levi loved the fish at A. Lindsey's house

We went and had a "cake smash" photo shoot last Thursday for his big birthday.

I will have a separate post with all the pics soon

Here is one that A. Lindsey edited. EEK, so excited about them!

Levi knows how to climb stairs. Crazy! I never worked with him ir showed him how.
{I was right behind him to catch him if he fell}

Later in the week, Levi really started to enjoy the Wee Ride. Its a workout for sure!

My BIG BOY will be ONE this WEDNESDAY!!!!!!

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