12 Months!

Levi was officially one last Wednesday but I am just now getting around to posting his 12 month pics! 

Here is what Levi is up to at 1 yr old!

*He weighs 21lbs 3oz and is 31.25 inches long
*He is eating all table foods now and LOVES any kind of fruit.He doesn't care to much for veggies however, will eat sweet potato but with a little cinnamon and sugar on it =) He also likes yogurt and cheese!
*He enjoys reading. He will sit still long enough for me to read 10+ books.
*He mimics all kinds of sounds
*Drinks from hard spout sippy cups and is off formula!
*Loves to be thrown up in the air and swung around in circles
*Still rides well in his carseat rear facing. I am going to keep him that way as long as I can
*Learns new things every day
*Climbs stairs well
*Loves to see/play with Daddy. His face lights up every time Matt walks through the door.
*He is a momma's boy right now though, he wants to be with me all the time.
*Got his passport picture and passport info sent off so we take a family vacation to the Bahamas!
*Still enjoys bath time
*He is becaoming a real flirt and flashes his big smile for all the world to see

Here are his 1,3,5,7,9, and 11 month pics. He has sure grown!

He is such a big boy!

Birthday party post coming soon....

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