DIY Switchplate Covers & a GIVEAWAY!!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED....but feel free to still leave comments...I love to read them

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Sorry, I didn't take step by step pics but I PROMISE....They are so ***SIMPLE***

I saw this project on Mod Podge Rocks

Here are the materials that you will need....

Scrapbook Paper **Mod Podge (I use Matte)**Spray Adhesive**Foam Brush**Outlet or Light switch cover**Scissors, Ruler, Pencil

All you do is trace the outlet cover on the backside of the scrapbook paper. Next, add 1/2in border around what you traced. Trace the outlet holes. Cut out the template (remember to add the 1/2 inch border, and cut out the outlet holes.)

Spray both the outlet cover and scrapbook paper. Allow the adhesive to set up for 1 min then press together, making sure the outlet holes add up. Next, wrap the extra paper around the edges. You may want to do this as you would while wrapping a gift.

Take a pen and from the backside punch a hole where the screw would go. Allow to dry 30 min, and then give it two coats of ModPodge.

TA DA!!!!! There you have it....Totally NEAT, UNIQUE, and PERSONALIZED Outlet Covers.
For Light Switches: You follow the same instructions =)


***I am having my first giveaway***

Here is how it will work:

4 ways to get entries

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*I will ask the winner for some desired

colors and designs

and email 5 choices*

Now.... Go ahead and leave those comments!!!

Winner will be chosen by Random.org on Friday Night!!

I am linking up to DIY Day at Kimba's. Check it out for more projects...


Brittiany Fleming said...

Those are so pretty love em!!

Anonymous said...

hey sis, LOVE THE LIGHT SWITHCHES! u r becoming so creative,it runs in the family. i'm soooooo proud of you. say hello 2 my grand-pup Azul(or pat his head). all my love. ur mom, judi

Anonymous said...

ashlee, i like your blog. i need u 2 show me how 2 get my own set up. your home is bueatiful.say hello 2 matt. judi just reminded me about Azul. love to my great grand-pup 2! proud of u sweetie. love, granma

Anonymous said...

Hi Ash, loved your blog. You are becoming sooo creative. Your talents are shining through. We know you are having a GREAT time doing them. We think the first thing we'll try from your blog is the cruise!!! Love ya, Devona and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

hey, i want to jump on that ship with ya'll. don't want 2 b on the lower deck like in titanc. lol.judi

Sheila said...

I just discovered your blog thru
A Soft Place to Land and discovered that you are not far from me. I live/work in Henderson TN. We pass thru Oakland en route to Mphs. I will visit your blog often! BTW: your "blue" pup is adorable.

Let it Shine said...

Great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

anita says, i'm going to try organizing my things with your basket idea.your home is so modern. i adore your little puppy. thx again 4 the idea.

Ashlee said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement!! If you try any of these ideas, I would love to see them. Email me!! and Stop by often!!


Anonymous said...

hey it's jackie, does that book say anything about removing crayon off a wall. help a girl out. jax is 4 and the wall is his canvas.love ya!

Anonymous said...

hey this is winter, we have 5 kids to cook 4 and i'm always rushed to prepare a meal. i'm dusting my crock pot off and going to put some reciepes to use. thx 4 the insight. love ur blog. will visit ur blog to see what other ideas u have. love you

Ashlee said...

I will check the book for you...but have you tried the magic eraser???

Check out this link for tons of crock pot recipes...just copy and paste


I will also try to post some of my favorite slow cooker recipes very soon.

Thanks for reading.

Ashlee R. said...

Found you through ASPTL DIY Day. Love this project. Can't wait to get started on mine! Thanks for the great idea. (Love your name, too!) :)

~Ashlee R.

Bri said...

That is a super cute idea, just bought a house and will probably do this to the outdated plate covers as well!

Unknown said...

So cute! You did such a great job.

Brook said...

I never thought about doing this before. Such attention to detail you have!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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