DIY Herb and Spice Labels

I LOVE BASKETS!! I bought these baskets at Hobby Lobby For $1.20 each at 80% off (thanks Lindsey!!) although I didn't have anywhere to put these yet. But, ask Matt, I always find uses for everything, especially if it involves organizing :).

I had all my herbs and spices in the cabinet above the microwave, and even though it was organized, it was a PAIN. You had to pull all the spices down just to find 1.

I decided to put the baskets on top of my fridge along with the spices. The idea for labels didn't come until Saturday night at 9 pm :D!!

This is what I did.........so SIMPLE and CUTE and FUNCTIONABLE!!

I gathered these materials:
Hole Punch (I used a pen :))

Typed Spice Labels

Scrapbook Paper

1.) I typed out all the spices and herbs according to how often I use them and categories. Baking, Special Seasonings, etc

2.) I used the ribbon carton as my circle guide and traced around it on the back of the scrapbook paper. Cut it out.

3.) I then, cut around the spice label into a squiggly pattern and taped it down onto the paper.

4.) Punch a hole in the paper and string some ribbon through the top. I then weaved it through the baskets and tied a bow!! SO SIMPLE!!!

Finished Product!! What do you think??

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