Slow Cooker Italian Beef

This DELICIOUS recipe came from Matt's Nanny JoAnn


2.5lb-3lb roast
1 Green Bell Pepper, sliced or chopped
4 Tbsp Banana Peppers(mt.olive pepper rings)&all the juice from 12 oz jar
1 Tbsp Jalapenos (mt. olive) and 1/4 juice from 12 oz jar
1/4 tsp. each Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Salt, and Pepper (I use dry herbs)
Minute White or Brown Rice

1.) Spray Slow Cooker with non stick cooking spray
2.) Place Roast in bottom
3.) Sprinkle with herbs and spices

4.) Add Bell Pepper, Jalapenos, and Banana Peppers and the right amount of juice

5.) Cook on Low for 6-8 Hours ( I normally do 6 hrs- We like it a little pink)
Cook on Low 9-10 Hours

6.) Serve over hot cooked Minute Rice =)

Pair this Delicious meal with a side salad and Hot Dinner Rolls....YUM YUM!!


Leave me a Comment if you try this!!!

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Unknown said...

Sounds EASY!!! and YUMMY!!! I like that the slow cooker does all the hard work. Geri

jackie said...

hey ashlee, i cook a roast all the time but it heats up my home. i use my slow cooker all the time now. headed off to the store so i can use this recipe for tommorrows dinner. noah and all the kids are great. we love you.

winter said...

thanks for all the helpful hints for dinner. i don't cook. jackie is in charge of all that. i love you. winter

judi said...

i'm eating dinner at jackie's house tommorow. judi

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

This recipe looks great! I love roast recipes for the crock pot. Thanks for linking to TMTT.

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