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This is the first edition of Fabulous Friday's!! Every Friday, I will feature a blog,website, etc that has either inspired me, has great information, or is just flat out Nifty!!!

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I saw these awesome pendants on A Soft Place To Land for DIY day Tuesday.
Madison Reece Designs
is the giveaway for this weeks edition of DIY Day!

She makes BEAUTIFUL, HANDCRAFTED resin and silver pendants!! Check out Madison's Etsy Shop for the Cutest Pendents Ever!!!


Rustic Cherry Branch $11(sold)

Scarlet Leaves $10

Cowgirl Pendant $10

Autumn on a Summer Day $10

Reflections $10

In Bloom $10

The Misfit $10

The Sweet Life $11

Ok, So any of my AWESOME friends, family, co-workers reading this:
Click Here to buy me any one of these!
Thanks, Love you =)


Shea said...

I can't believe you posted these. I actually found her site yesterday thought these were so pretty. I am seriously considering making some of the scrabble tiles. I don't think mine would be nearly as pretty as hers though.

Ashlee said...

Hey Shea!
Of Course they would be as pretty!! They would be handmade from you!! Have a great weekend!

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