I Won!!!

I just won by first giveaway from a blog ever!!! How cool is that!! I want to say a
 to Cheri from Its So Very Cheri!! She is absolutely the sweetest blogger. If you remember Matt's and my Home Tour....Cheri is the one who posted that for me!!
Be sure to check out her blog, and feel free to email her to have a home tour set up for you!!!

Here is what I won!!!
A Disc Hanger

These are so Neat!!

Check out www.dischangers.com for more info!!

Thanks Again Cheri!!


2sisters said...

Yeah!!! thanks for visiting our blog and leaving comments, we love them!!! That's awesome that u won!

Anna said...


Patricia said...

I just bought these yesterday I cant wait to use them and I cant wait to see how you use them!

Anonymous said...

I have used these on serveral of my own plates. They work GREAT!!!
CONGRATS! I am entering lots of giveaways right now because my luck seems to be great. I have won 3 giveaways in the past 2 months, totaling $150 dollars!

Moore Minutes said...

Congrats on your win! Fun. :)

I have to tell you that I love what you wrote in your profile about marriage. It is the TRUTH! love AND respect are vital to a healthy marriage.

I'm a new follower too by the way. ;)

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