Matt and Ashlee's Top 10

U.S. Destinations to Visit

10.) St. Louis

9.) Hawaii

8.) Mount Rushmore-South Dakota

7.) Washington, D.C.

6.) Grand Canyon National Park- Arizona

5.) New England States

Portland, ME

4.) Yellowstone National Park-Old Faithful-Wyoming

Old Faithful

3.) Yosemite National Park-California

2.) Alaska

1.) New York City/ Niagra Falls

NYC Skyline

Times Square

Niagra Falls

Have you been to any of these places??
Any pictures to share?? We would love to see them!!

What are some of the places that you would like to visit??


2sisters said...

What a fun list! As sisters, we have been to a few of those places, and they are some of our favorites. We have been to Mt. Rushmore, got to have a helicopter ride, lots of fun. We went on a trip that covered D.C. and NYC in one fell swoop, not long enough! We need to go back. As kids we went with our parents to Yellowstone EVERY summer. It is one of our favorite places on earth. As adults we have taken both our families there (well as adults anyway, not really grown up yet:) Hope you make it to all those places!!!

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

I can't believe Hawaii is so far down your list! We like a couple hrs from DC and go there all the time. Love it! Such an awesome city.

Together We Save said...

Great list. I would like to see these places too. It would be amazing!!

Shilo said...

When you do Old Faithful, be sure to go down to the Grand Tetons, they aren't far and they are spectacular!!! Jackson Hole, WY is nearby too.
Mt Rushmore is very cool also but too bad it's in the middle of nowhere! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you have a blessed day!
Shilo from myplaceofpeace

Ashlee said...

Thanks everyone for your advice!! Matt and I (& Azul) =) hope to be able to see ALL of these places!

natalie said...

I thought ya'll have been to St. Louis. We go a lot and like to go over to Belleville, IL to pick apples and pumpkins at Eckert's Orchards! There is so much to do up there!

Ashlee said...

No, we havent been there. We had a trip planned for last September, but we decided against it and save for the house. Soon though...

Erin@ Give Mom a Minute said...

Fabulous travel list! I love, love, love NYC! I haven't been in a few years and I am totally jonesing for a visit.

Oh, and those scrapbook paper moulding frames are super cute.

Thanks for visiting me, hope to see you back again :)

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