DIY Bamboo Knife Holder

Have you seen these??? Aren't they Awesome???

YES, they are..............But not for $110.00

So, I decided to make this a DIY project....Here it Goes

I didn't take step by step photos, but its REALLY SIMPLE =)

Here are the Materials:

600-800 Bamboo Skewers
Colorful Sand
Scrapbook Paper
Hot Glue Gun


1.) Place sand in bottom of Vase
2.) Cut 3 inches of bamboo skewers with a reciprocating saw
3.) Add Bamboo Skewers
4.) Take a hammer and hammer all the bamboo skewers down a bit into sand (about 1 inch)
**** Be careful not to break them ****

5.) Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to rest just above the sand and hot glue into place
6.) Add ribbon and Button....

There you have it.  Isn't it so cute and all for $10.00!!

I saw this project on Ion Life's: She's Crafty

She originally used a 2 liter bottle....but I wanted something as little more solid
and she also used sugar instead of sand......but I think that would have eventually attracted bugs

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Cole said...

Very cute! I like it!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I LOVE IT girl--

Creativity never leaves you.


Jeanette said...

So creative. You have so many good ideas.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Sheri said...

I have not seen those, I wonder if they'd eventually dull the knives? (I suppose no more than tossing them in a drawer though huh?) Thanks for linking up!

Nancy said...

Very good!

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

Very clever... always LOVE a knockoff!

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