Wooden Vase Revamp

I found this vase at Goodwill for .99 and although I liked the original state, spray paint slowly started calling my name =)



I need to find a couple of sticks or so to add to it!!


Sherri said...

Looks great! Funny you should say sticks. I had leftover twigs I'd gathered for my twig frame. While cleaning up the other day, I didn't want to toss them (have another project in mind, just need more time). So I grabbed a clear vase and just put the sticks in, stood them next to the fireplace. Teen daughter sees them, says, "Wow Mom, I like the sticks over there that looks great." LOL Funny cause I was just looking for a holding spot NOT decor 'idea'!

KatBouska said...


Janean said...

gotta heart spray paint! it looks more modern and fresh. yay!

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