Fabulous Friday's-World Vision:Meet Ethel & Sitithana

Ethel, 10 yrs

Sitithana, 10 yrs
(Not Pictured)
We haven't received our sponsorship pkg yet =(

Back in November 2006, I attended a Christian Comedy show with the ladies of my church, and during the intermission, they had a World Vision Speaker, along with a video, and testimonials. My heart just opened up to all these children and what $35 a month could do for them. I immediately went and signed up. As I flipped through a couple of photos of children in need, Ethel's photo just stood out to me! She is a doll. She is smart, loves school, and her family. We are able to write letters back and forth, exchange photos, and enjoy each other....even from Africa.
****To protect Ethel, Sitithana and their family, their last name and specific location are ommitted****

We just recently started sponsoring Sitithana, also from Malawi. He shares the same birthday as my husband!! We wanted to find a boy, around the same age as Ethel and also in Malawi, for the reason of one day being able to visit them!!

World Vision:

We enjoy getting letters from them and updated photos!!!
We truly enjoy being able to be apart of this ministry.

I can only ask one question...
What can you do without for $35 a month?

I am only asking because We are passionate about Ethel and Sitithana and I strive to pray for them and their families without ceasing.

Click HERE to see some of the faces that need you!!

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