DIY Personalized Clock

I made this clock for a co-worker of my husband. I started out with a simple clock from Walmart ($3.96), and found some coordinating scrapbook paper to go with the nursery theme. I also bought some rhinestones to mark the hours.

I started by carefully cutting the existing background from the clock with an exacto knife. I then traced it onto my scrapbook paper. I also found a cute font and printed it off. I then traced it onto the coordinating scrapbook paper. I simply placed the background back into the clock ... (i had to make a long cut halfway to the hour and minute hands, so that I wouldnt have to take off the hands.)
Next, attach the letter.
Then, take the old background and place on the new, and mark where the hour marks are. Apply the rhinestones accordingly.

I didnt take step by step photos, but it is pretty simple.
It cost a total of $8.66 and its personalized!!

What do you think????

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