Stockpiling-Part 1-Household and Personal Care Items

Back in November 2009, I decided to try The Grocery Game, where you pay $10 per store every 2 months, and a list of current sales, and coupon matchups are available for you once a week. I had always used coupons, however, I didn't have a clue how to TRULY Grocery Shop using coupons that I could actually tell a difference on our grocery bill.

The Grocery Game was a great way for me to "see" how to pair up items to coupons and how to stock up when the item is at rock bottom price.

I have learned that there are certain times to use a particular coupon.

I have recently quit The Grocery Game, because I have learned that this could be done on my own. I have found numerous blogs/websites that are simply amazing to help me along the way.

Do you have any idea how many coupons are available are the internet....
Well, stock up on printer ink,
because there are just to many to mention and available everyday.

Here are a couple of Couponing Sites that are so amazing, they do all the work for you!!!

 (Weekly Coupon Matchups for Walgreens, RiteAid, and CVS). She also shares so many coupons and where to see the biggest sale on these. I love this site.

(Shnucks and Kroger weekly coupon matchups and local deals for the Memphis Area)

Tons of Free Samples and Freebies-
I love checking my mail to see what kind of goodies that I get!

Ok, Now I am going to show you where I keep my
Stock Pile for Cleaning, Personal Care, and other Household Items.
***Keep in mind that I have been shopping like this for 4 months,
and finally I am able to cut back on my grocery bill!***

Starting March 1st, I am going from $75 a week to $40 a week Grocery Budget!!


I keep our stockpile upstairs in our guest bedroom in a chest of drawers,
it was empty and the room is rarely used.

Left to Right:
Shampoos/Conditioners- Samples, Trial Sizes, Makeup, etc.- Body Wash

I have learned while shopping like this to not be a
"brand snob",
deals just dont come around to often if you like one particular brand.

We have tried numerous things, and only a couple were horrible.

Deodorants, Fash Wash, and Face Moisturizer-
Toothbrushes,Toothpaste,Contact Solution,and Visine-
Shaving Cream and Razors


Ziploc Bags, and Misc

Airwick, Glade, and Candles!!!

Glass Cleaner, Multi Purpose Cleaner,
 Dish Washer Tabs, Dish Soap

I am amazed at how much I am able to get.

I will post Part 2 in the next few days

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