A Warm Bed

Matt and I have started a crazy, sweet, weird, thoughtful habit for Azul since it has been cold...
Putting his dog bed in the dryer for a few minutes before we left for the day!

Needless to say, He is SPOILED ROTTEN by this little gesture =)

When we are home during the weekends, we end up putting his bed in the dryer 2+ times a day... and he definitly knows when we pull it out of the dryer, he runs over to his area and waits or leaps into it....and oh yeah....he has his own blanket too.

If you have a small dog and need a great cozy bed....I strongly suggest this one.
$14.99 and it is wool, and the coziest little bed for smaller pups!!
Available at Target
(I couldn't find it online)

Don't you just love your pets and the JOY they bring!!!


Cole said...

What a pampered little boy!! From time to time I put the dogs blankets in the dryer so they are warm before I leave for work. You're so much nicer than I am!

arkie said...

You have to love a spoiled dog! What sweet parents he has!

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