Matt's 10 Mile Duathlon

In January, Matt decided that he wanted to do a duathlon (Rike, Bike, Run). He started his training and ran his first 5k at Bellevue called Hope for Haiti, you can read about that HERE.

He also completed his first 10 mile duathlon last Sunday.
HE ran 3 miles, Mountain biked 6 miles, and ran 1 mile to finish.

Here are some pics!!

Ready, Set, Go!!!

He is the one running...   :-)
Everyone setting up there bikes for the transition.
*Notice Azul in the Bottom left*

Coming back in from the 3 mile run.
24 min!!! Way to Go!!

Headed out on the 6 mile bike, Notice how nice and clean his bike was

Coming in from the biking, the trails were MUDDY!!

Here he is headed out for the last 1 mile run!!

And...the big finish....he had to run up a steep hill.
1hr 28min 57sec.

This one needs to be framed!!

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