4 Trips to Home Depot.....and you get this!

Matt and I have been waiting on a nice weekend to landscape our front yard and put a few Bradford Pear trees in the back yard.

Here is a list of things we purchased for our yard:
81 Border Stones
2 Bradford Pears
30+ Marigolds
4 Callililly's
2 Asiatic Lilly's
2 Indian Hawthornes
2 Japanese Holly's
2 Cleyara's
2 Japanese Privets
2 Hydrangeas
10 Bags of Mulch
8 Bags of Top Soil
2 Bags of Scott's Turf Builder
1 Bag of Bermuda Seed
Hummingbird Liquid
and tons more.......


We were B.U.S.Y! I even got a nice sunburn to prove it!

We are so proud of it, the yard looks Stunning!

Here are the Befores:

Here are the Transforming Afters!!

And... a few of our backyard...
This will be next years project!!


Anonymous said...

It looks great! I can't wait to see it in person on Saturday night! You know I am a sucker for calla lilies! I am so jealous since I am in no condition to be doing landscaping and I am moving to a new home that needs lots of landscaping done! Oh well there is always next year! For now potted plants on the front porch and back deck will have to do.

Sheri said...

Looks great!

Michele said...

Looks awesome...yes, you guys were certainly very busy!

Feels good when you get to see the finished product?!!!


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