$40 Weekly Grocery Challenge-Week 11

Total: $55.11
I did go over this week for a couple of reasons.
1. I had (2) $3.00 Digornio Pizza coupons that expired on Sat. and
they werent in the original plan.
(Matt Loves Pizza!!)
2. I wanted to try some new recipes, so I didnt have a coupon or they werent on sale

Oh well!
I have done good in the past.
Back on track next time!

Schnucks and Aldi

Whole Chicken : $2.81
3lbs of Chicken Breasts: $6.40
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce: $.49
Mission Tortillas: $.92

Lettuce: .49
20oz Romas: .99

Walmart: $17.22
Digiornio Pizza and Breadsticks: $3.50
Country Bobs All Purpose Meat Sauce: FREE

Kroger: $17.68

8 Piece Deli Chicken: $2.99
5lbs Ground Beef: $8.00
Fibor One Yogurt: $.49

1 comment:

Michele said...

Wow...you did good! I love Digiornio pizza...it's addicting!

I wish we had a Kroger here and also a Publix...they have alot of good sales there!


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