Splash of Color-Part 6-Master Bath-Fabric Window Covering

Part 2
I am back with another update about our Master Bath!

This time, I have a tutorial about making your own Window Covering for above a jacuzzi tub.
Or anywhere for that matter =)

We started out by selecting a few fabric swatches that best went with our paint choice Behr's Cozumel. It took a couple of days to pick one, but I highly suggest doing this.
Even with paint colors, that way you can see it in different lights.

We ended up going with the one to the right of our paint color (3rd one down). It just seemed right!

The first one on the left had too much of the same color and the
furthest one on the right looked to flowery for me.

The first step was to measure for the window.

I snagged some FREE wood and moulding from the side of the road.....in my own neighborhood =)

SIDE NOTE: I was walking Azul and saw all of this perfectly good wood.....So I picked up these 8ft or so boards and was walking down my street along with walking Azul. I looked crazy....
and Matt thought I was.

We wanted it to be a snug fit, so we wouldnt have to screw it into the wall and so that I would still have a little bit of a window ledge.

Here is Hubby's Handy Work:

Next, I ironed the fabric....yes...me....I ironed the fabric!

Then, lay the frame onto the fabric with about a 1 1/2 in border.

Start with the corners and fold the corners like a package and staple. Continue to staple all around while pulling tightly and making it snug.

Step Back and Admire!!

What do you think??

It still lets in the light while adding style as well!

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