The Lord was with my husband Matt this past Friday night.....with out a doubt.

Now...I know that a christian always knows that Jesus is with us always, but sometimes, alot of times he is pushed to the back burner of our hearts. Sometimes it takes a tragedy or something hurtful to bring him back to the surface where he belongs and where he should stay.

With a grateful heart, I write this post to say Thank You Jesus for taking care of Matt's life, my best friend, the one that I couldnt even fathom not being able to speak to and sharing each others thoughts, dreams, burdens, we also share a beautiful home, a wonderful marriage that most people never get to experience. Jesus and Matt have loved me more than I deserve. Both are still with me! Thank You!

Matt was in a horrible accident Friday night involving 3 other vehicles. One was a drunk driver. One was a couple of teenagers, and One was a husband and wife.

Matt and 2 other vehicle were traveling in the same direction when a drunk driver crossed the median and hit a car in front of Matt head on causing Matt to slam on his breaks while the impact of the head on collision caused a car to come up over Matt's front bumber and slamming into his windshield and roof. His airbags deployed and glass ended up all over him and embedded in his arms and handsome face. He was transported to the trauma unit in Memphis and later was able to walk out on his own. Praise God!

The drunk driver emerged unhurt....CRAZY, huh?

The car that was hit head on had 2 teenagers in it. The driver was lucky like Matt and excaped with cuts and bruises. His passenger was trapped and had to be airlifted and ended up having a broken leg that will require surgery and I am sure some physical therapy.

The fourth car was the least damaged and they seemed to be unharmed.

All I can say is Thank You!

Here are some photos of Matt's car!

This is the drunk drivers car

Here is the car that had the young girl that was trapped.
Its the one that was hit head on. It was the one that hit Matt.

I love Jesus and I Love my Matt!



gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Praise the Lord! I can't believe somebody wasn't killed! I'm so glad Matt and all the other's are okay.
My daughter Jamie was in a wreck years ago while coming home from college to celebrate my birthday. It involved a semi. When I got the call, I of course rushed to the hospital 2 hours away. It was so good to hold her.
It was when I saw her car that I knew God had special plans for her. It's as though He lifted her from the car during the crash.
Matt's car makes me feel the same way. It truly seems that it is a miracle no one died.

Anna said...

So glad that he is okay. I know that must have been so scary.

arkie said...

So thankful he is all right! Things can sure change in a moment can't they!

Anonymous said...

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