My first 5K

My Aunt Terri, my friend Becca and I signed up for the Womens Run Walk Memphis beginner running group back in July. We met every Monday night for 10 weeks and trained with 500 + other women. We started out just running 1min, and today were able to complete the graduation 5k with (5) 30sec-1min walk breaks.

The coaches reccomend this even when you are experienced. It prevents injuries to walk some.

I finished in 40:43 ( I just wanted to beat 45 min, so I am happy)

Not sure what I am doing in this pic!

Matt was pinning on my number.

**Funny Story**
I went to use the bathroom before the race, and he had pinned the number onto my pants as well. I couldnt get them down. Ha!

We did it. Got a medal and all!

We are all running the Race for the Cure 5k in October to support breast cancer.
Matt is going to run it too.

We have decided to do 1 5k a month, so we will see how that goes!

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christieworkman said...

Hey Ash -- Matt told me about your 5K success....that is so awesome! Great job!!

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