Antiques and Thrifting

 I love antique and thrift stores. Just so many treasures waiting to be found. I was looking around my home and noticed alot of Goodwill and Antique store treasures that I have snatched up.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Colorful Tree Framed Pic (Star City 2010): You can read about its makeover HERE.

Azul's Treat Jar: (Mountain View, AR 2010): I love the Amber Color.

Antique Wood Planters: (Eads Antiques): Read about them HERE.

Wooden Bamboo Vase: (Goodwill) Transformed HERE.

Small Green Vase: Goodwill

There are many more things in my home that I aqquired used, but I just love them!

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

We always say our house is furnished in Early Garage Sale! It's easier to point out the handful of things we didn't buy on someone's driveway than to tour all the yard sale stuff. Love that green vase, BTW!

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