Keeping Azul Safe

Azul is in the car ALOT.

And, I always gave in when he wanted to ride in my lap. I knew this wasnt safe to him, me, or the other drivers on the road.

I wanted to just get him a a car harness, but I knew that he wouldnt really like that because he couldnt see out.

I researched a little bit and found this neat booster seat at Petsmart for $30. It has a clip to attach to his harness, so he definitely isnt going anywhere.

We let him try it in the backseat while Matt and I were in the front....he didn't like it.

You can tell he is amused, huh? Look at his eyes! Ha!

A couple of weekends ago, we drove 2 hours to Pickwick Lake for my family's reunion and I chose to let him have the front seat with Matt. It was a hilarious sight to see them up front and me in the back.

You can tell he likes it, he is able to see everything!

It was a small price to pay for safety for both him and I,
and I think he is cute too!

Here is a couple pics from the other day!

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arkie said...

How sweet! My poor Maggie doesn't like to ride in cars. I have to hold her like a baby. All 26 pounds of her! Thank goodness we only live a couple of miles from her vet.

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