DIY Scrapbook Vases- Take 2

I made these for my Sister-in-Law's baby shower for her 3rd child and only girl.
You can check out my first round of these HERE.

Gather Materials:
Vases, Jewels, Flowers, Styrofoam, Scrapbook Paper

Cut the styrofoam to fit inside the vase, and add flowers

Add Jewels

Cut the scrapbook paper at a length that will sit just above the jewels and that will go to the top.

Here they are, too cute, huh?

I ended up adding some ribbon and a coordinating button just to girl-i-fy it some more!

I used these as the centerpiece on one of the tables for her shower.

What do you think?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think they look fantastic in her room now!!! Thanks bunches!

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