1st Purchase for Baby W

Matt and I knew that we needed to update our old point and shoot digital camera
as soon as we saw the 2 pink lines.

We originally thought of going with a DSLR, but with everything else that needed to be bought before our little addition joins us in June, we opted for another point and shoot.

We found this Nikon one that had 12 MP and more zoom than our old one
and with the $99.00 price tag....it was in the bag for us.

Digital cameras have come waaaaaay down in price.

Here she is:

 I love the huge screen on the back!
Now, all we need is Baby W here so we can wear this one out too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is funny that you got this. Did my suggestion on the email convince you or did you already have this purchase then?? Wish I would have upgraded because I have worn mine out also!

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