Sick Day

Well, during my whole married life, I have been sick maybe 2 times....seriously.
Matt and I are rarely sick.
 Thursday afternoon, I came down with an aweful head cold/sinus infection but without fever and I am still not better. Of course, since I am pregnant, I can't take alot of medicine so I am suffering through it.  I really hope the medicine that my doctor prescribed for me won't harm the baby, but I guess I should trust her, yes????

I did make it to both of my family's Christmas functions and basically tried to stay away from everyone. I talked to my doctor yesterday and it seems that there is a 10 day cold that is being passed around and I sure do pray that this is not what I have.

My husband has been wonderful. He has been to Walgreens 4 times, CVS 1 time, and Kroger 1 time, all in the last 36 hours. He even came out one time with me a snuggie (insert AWWWW!) He has also cooked me lots of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled Cheese. Thanks, babe!

And this is what we I have done mostly....watched movies in my snuggie =)

Don't you just love the variety?!?!?!
(Not pictured: Bourne Supremacy and Ocean's 11-Those were Matt's picks)

Anyways, I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their friends and family!

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