Its All in the Name!

Matt and I have already decided and agreed on names for our little one.
 It didnt take long and everything just fell into place.

We wont be able to find out what we are having until the the 26th of January, but its never to early to have these important decisions made.....right?

The Girl Name:

Stella Noelle

Stella means Star and Noelle means Birth. Matt and I love the whole name meaning:

A Star is Born......precious

A couple of other names we considered for a girl were:

( Matt did not like this one, I liked the LEE at the end...like mine)

The Boy Name:

Levi Maddox

Levi is another name for Matthew in the bible (Luke 5:27) and also means joined.
What an awesome meaning. Matt and I were joined as one by marriage,
and maybe we will have our little boy to show for that.

Maddox means good and generous
Those words completely describe how the Lord has been to us every moment of our marriage.

Some other names we considered for a boy were:
(Matt wanted me to let everyone know
that he didnt like ANY of these......boys names are much harder)

Joel: Matt did like this one

So there you have it. Baby W is officially named.
We can't wait to find out and even more so,
can't wait to meet him or her......5 1/2 months to go!

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